Isabella “Izzy” Rivelli Class of 2022

                      Level 10


Status– Available
Planned pursuit of study: undecided
Entering  8th Grade at Tefft Middle School for 2017-18
Competitive History:
2013-14: Level 4
2014-15: Level 6
2015-16: Level 8
2016-17: Level 9

  2017-18: Level 10

                                Q & A with “Izzy”
Favorite Event: Floor   Best events? Floor and Beam
Goals: Possibly Elite but DEFINITELY College Gymnastics!
What are some of your favorite things about this sport? Sometimes taking on a new skill is a little scary but exciting & there can be the feeling I can’t figure it out or do it. Then I figure out that just listening to my coaches reassure me and talk me through it & just trusting my training…I realize I can accomplish things I never thought possible! THAT is the thing that makes me love it more and more. There’s always a challenge and something to make better.
Hobbies? Hanging out with friends, swimming, biking & spending time with my dog 🙂
If you weren’t in gymnastics, what do you think you’d be doing?  Well, definitely wouldn’t have been home playing with dolls or doing ballet (lol) I was never the girly-girl type! I’d probably be on the sidelines of my brother’s sports (wrestling or football) so MAYBE…. a cheerleader but luckily I don’t have to worry about that!

Fun Fact: Until Coach Brittany called me “Izzy,” I NEVER EVER EVER would let anyone give me that nickname. Now some of my gymnastics friends probably don’t even know who Isabella is!

2017 Highlights: Competing at Level 9 Eastern Nationals as a Member of the Region 5 Jr B Dream Team Placing 7th Bars, 4th Beam, 6th Floor & 6th AA.

2016-17 Season High’s:

  • Vault: 9.45
  • Bars: 9.45
  • Beam: 9.5
  • Floor: 9.475
  • AA: 37.525


Bars: Blind 1/2 to jeager & 1/1 out double tuck dismount.

Beam: Front tuck, popa, Back Hand x 2 to 2/1 dismount

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Interested in learning more about Isabella?  Feel free to contact our coaching staff at the following:

Shannon Murphy: Brittany Delk:  Matt Delk: or Keith Carter:

Gymnastics for All!