Isabella “Bella” Pierce  ……………………………..

CLASS OF 2019      LEVEL 10

Status: Available  

Planned pursuit: To earn a Bachelor’s in Science to obtain a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine


2017-18 School year: Entering Junior year at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights. GPA: 3.89 / 4.0

  • 2013-16 Seasons: Level 9
  • 2016-18 Seasons: Level 10

2016-17  Level 10 Season Highs:  

Vault: 9.375  Bars: 9.05  Beam:9.3
Floor: 9.475  AA: 36.95

Level 10 – 2017 Season Highlights

 2017 Region 5 Championships: 

3 top 10 medals & 10th AA. 

2017 IL State Championship:  

Vault (10th) Bars (8th)  Beam (6th) Floor (10th)  All-Around (6th)

Highest  Event Scores / Level 9: 

  • Vault: 9.5  
  • Bars: 9.65  
  • Beam: 9.625  
  • Floor: 9.5 
  • AA: 37.875

Level 9 Highlights: 

  • 2016 Level 9 Eastern National Qualifier
  • 2016 Region 5 Level 9 Beam Champion (9.625) 2nd place AA (37.875)
  • 2016 Illinois Level 9 State Beam and AA Champion
  • 2015 Level 9 Eastern 3rd place beam, 4th place AA
  • 2015 Illinois Level 9 State Bars and AA Champion

Career highlights:

  • 2012 Illinois Level 7 State Beam (9.75) and AA Champion (38.275)
  • 2011 Illinois Level 6 State Bars (9.625) Champion
  • Tested & Qualified for National TOPS testing in 2011
MSO’s America’s TOP 100:
2011 – level 6 Bars (9.625)
2012 – Level 7 Beam (9.775)
2015 – Level 9 Bars (9.650)
2016 – Level 9 Beam (9.625, 9.625)

Isabella’s Floor Upgrade (Double Pike) September 2017

Isabella’s Beam Series Sept. 2017

Competitive Routine Skills Competed In 2016-17
  • Vault: Yurchenko Layout         
  • Bars: Release– Jeager to immediate bail Dismount: Double tuck      
  • Beam:  Leap pass: Switch Leap-Switch Leap Acro: Split jump to back tuck   Series to dismount: Back hand, Layout step out to full       
  • Floor: R.O.-Bhsp to double tuck. Front handsp. Lay out-Layout. Round off bhsp back 1.5 to front pike. Leap pass: Switch side to split full & switch leap full.   
New Skills/Upgrades In Training:
  • Vault: Yurchenko full       
  • Bars: full out dismount     
  • Beam:  Leap/jump-scissor to split full. 1 arm front walkover to Back handspring -Layout step out to split jump. Dismount: Back handspring  to 1.5       
  • Floor: Double pike. Front handspring to rudi.  Round off back handspring -1.5 twist to front layout.

Favorite Event? Bars               Best Event? Beam

Favorite Skills? On bars, I love training and working dismounts (especially when I can STICK them.) On beam it would have to be my series and learning/training new upgrades!

Goals for the 2017-18 season: I hope to make the Region 5 Dream Team! I made the “Dream Team” twice as a Level 9 and had SO much fun representing the region at Nationals. I also hope to grow as an athlete and continue to introduce new upgrades into my routines.

Fun facts: I like  hanging with my family, enjoying outdoor activities AND My sister Gabriella is also a Level 10 gymnast (big sister brag…) “This season she won AA at State & Regional’s scoring  a 38+ AA then took 1st on Vault at L9 Nationals!”

Favorite color(s)? yellow and blue (they are both bright and cheerful!)

I started gymnastics: when I was about 3 because I was always climbing up on cabinets, furniture, basically anything that could get me somewhere 🙂 Yep, that’s a picture of ME!

T.v. shows? hmmmm good question! Not sure, I don’t watch much.

Hobbies?  Singing, shopping and spending time with my family and friends.

Future goals? After graduation, my goal is to be a part of a collegiate gymnastics team and continue my academic studies in pursuit of a career in veterinary medicine.

What do you feel is your strongest characteristic that helps you in this sport? My ability to maintain composure under stressful situations has definitely helped me in my gymnastics career…especially on beam!

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