Gabriella “Gabby” Pierce Class of 2022 ~ Level 10


Status- Available
Planned pursuit of study: undecided
2017-18 School year:  8th Grade at St. Anne Parrish School Current GPA: 4.0/4.0 -High Honor Roll
2013-2014: Level 8
2014-2017: Level 9
 2017-2018: Level 10

 Highest Scores from 2016-17  Season: (Level 9)
Vault: 9.7   Bars: 9.5   Beam: 9.625   Floor: 9.475
Highest Event Scores 2015-16 Season (Level 9)
Vault: 9.5   Bars: 9.5   Beam: 9.5   Floor: 9.175

2017 Season Highlights: Competing at Level 9 Eastern  Nationals as a Member of the Region 5 Jr 5 Dream Team, being crowned National Vault Champion, winning 3 events & AA at Regionals and  2 events & AA at State! Taking all 3 titles on Vault this season felt AMAZING!

2017 Level 9 Eastern Nationals
  • Vault=National Champion  9.6
  • Bars= 9.1
  • Beam= 4th Place 9.35
  • Floor= 9.275
  • All-Around= 4th Place Jr C- 37.325
2017 Region 5 Championships 
  • Vault: 9.6-Region 5 Vault Champion
  • Bars: 9.475-Region 5 Bar Champion
  • Beam: 9.625-Region 5 Beam Champion
  • Floor: 9.475- 2nd Place
  • All-Around: 38.175- Region 5 Jr 5- AA Champion
2017 IL State Championships
  • Vault: 9.7-IL State Champion
  • Bars: 9.45-2nd Place
  • Beam: 9.45-IL State Champion
  • Floor:9.35-5th Place
  • All-Around: 37.95-IL  State- Jr C-  AA Champion
Additional Career Highlights/Titles:
2015 – Region 5 Level 9 Bars 2nd place (9.6)
Gabby’s  America’s TOP 100 recognition:
2017 – Level 9 Beam (9.625)
2017 – Level 9 AA (38.175)
USA Gymnastics TOPS  National Testing Qualifier & TOPS B Camp / “Team” 2011,  2012 & 2013

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More info about Gabby~

  • Favorite Event: Beam
  • Best Event: Beam
  • Favorite Skills: I think my favorite skills would have to be my FF layout series on beam that I am working to upgrade and also my double pike on floor.
  • Goals for 2017-2018: I look forward to competing my first year level 10 with all of the upgrades I am working.

Fun Fact:  I get to train along side my sister Bella, who is also a level 10 gymnast.  My team has always felt like a second family to me especially because I get to train and compete with my sister- this year even in the same level!

How I got started gymnastics: I took my first gymnastics class when I was 18 months old and have loved the sport from day one.

  • Favorite TV shows: My favorite TV show would definitely have to be “Friends”.
  • Favorite Colors: My favorite colors are blue and yellow because they are so cheerful and uplifting.
  • Hobbies: Some of my hobbies are hanging out with my family and friends, bike riding and also playing board games, especially Monopoly!
  • What do you feel is your strongest characteristic that helps you in this sport?: I am a very determined person whether it’s in school, gymnastics, or games. I believe in working hard to obtain my goals.
  • Future Goals: I look forward to competing the next 5 years as a level 10 and hope to be able to experience JO Nationals. Also, I want to compete as a collegiate athlete.
Competitive routine skills competed in 2017:
  • Vault: Yurchenko Layout (Level 9 Eastern National Vault Champion)
  • Bars: Bail and double back dismount
  • Beam: FF layout step out, split jump layout step out, switch leap switch leap, full turn, and round-off 1 1/2 dismount
  • Floor: Double back, 1.5 to front pike, front handspring- front layout- front pike, leg up 1/1 turn & switch half to split full jump
New skills in training:
  • Vault: Yurchenko 1/2, 1/1 & 1.5 twist
  • Bars: Shaposh directly to bail handstand & my new upgraded combo: a toe hand 1/2 to front giant fall into double front dismount
  • Beam: Switch leap to Switch 1/2, FF layout step out-layout step out, and Onodi’s.
  • Floor: Double pikes, 1 1/2 front layout & Rudi’s

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