Avery Agema Class of 2022

                     Level 10


 Status- Available
Planned pursuit of study: undecided
Entering  8th Grade at Lincoln Middle School for 2017-18
Competitive History:
2013-14: Level 4 & 5
2014-15: Level 7
2015-16: Level 8
2016-17: Level 9
2017-18: Level 10
2017 Highlights:  Attending Level 9 Eastern Nationals as the 1st Alternate of the Region 5 Jr C Dream Team.  Placing 7th Vault, 11th Bars, 3rd Beam & 9th AA at the Region 5 Championship.

2016-17 Season High’s:

  • Vault: 9.45
  • Bars: 9.175
  • Beam: 9.35
  • Floor: 9.15
  • AA: 36.75

Favorite Event: Beam   Favorite skill:  Back Handspring Layout Series

Exciting moment(s?) Of course when I was told I ‘d be considered 1st alternate for Eastern’s. It was the biggest thing I had experienced up until that point. I was disappointed I wasn’t a spot higher, but recognized I was still doing handstands on beam, training mill circles or the handstand “flat back” vault when some of my competition was already at Level 7! Another “amazing moment” was when I first caught my jeager and all of my teammates were going crazy celebrating with me! I had been close for awhile until it clicked. Those types of moments are priceless. Everyone shares in those kinds of “victories!”

Upgrades in training: BARS- Cal hop to jeager, toe catch & double layout dismount. BEAM-Round off to double full dismount, split full. Floor: Tuck double back, arabian double front & rudi. Vault yurchenko 1/1

Goals for 2017-18: To add my upgrades into my routines for Level 10 & make it to JO Nationals. Watching 2 of my teammates at JO’s last May was such an inspiration & made me want it even more!

Fun Fact: I started gymnastics in 2012! There is video of me in my living room doing a round off off of the couch and walking across it like a beam. I could barely do a “kick over” I can’t help but to laugh at it now! I gave up soccer pretty soon after! The 2016-17 season was my 4th year competing gymnastics.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in gymnastics? Maybe soccer still? Hard to say, this sport basically changed my life 🙂

you tube channel: coming soon     website: coming soon

Bar videos from July/August 2017

Beam video: Gateway Challenge Feb. 2017/ Level 9

2017 Level 9 IL State Championship (JR B)

MORE VIDEOS OF AVERY coming soon: Avery’s Yurchenko full vaultInterested in learning more about Avery?  Feel free to contact our coaching staff at the following:

Brittany Delk: britmmz4@gmail.com
Matt Delk: ngcmjd@gmail.com
Shannon Murphy: smnapergym@aol.com                                                       
Keith Carter: napergym@aol.com

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