Tumbling & Trampoline

At NGC, our Recreational Tumbling Classes are largely based on GYMNASTICS & CHEERLEADING techniques and are a great addition to any gymnast, dancer, cheerleader or ninja’s current classes or program.

In our 5 tier program ranging from Level 1-5, students begin with the basics and advance in the levels by progression of skills at each level’s curriculum. Beginning level tumblers learn skills such as rolls, handstands, walkovers, support skills and concepts of skills such as round off’s & even back handsprings! As the students advance through the program the focus is to accelerate toward round-offs, handsprings, and saltos, while working diligently to improve strength and flexibility to make tumbling skills fun (and safe.)

Interested in competitive tumbling? NGC is looking for candidates to join our Competitive Power Tumbling and Trampoline program. Program would consist of a pre-developmental team, pre-team and a competitive team. Power tumbling and trampoline is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is sanctioned by many organizations including USAG, USTA, and AAU.  The competitive season generally  begins in September and end approximately in May. Power Tumbling and Trampoline Levels vary in different “governing organizations” but generally range from level  1-10.  Jr. Elite and Sr. Elite being the highest levels, beyond Level 10. Interested tumblers need to be within the ages of 5 & 18.

Gymnastics for All!