Specialty Classes

Back Handspring  1 & 2 

These 45 min lower ratio classes focus specifically on the instruction of the back handspring.

We focus on teaching the fundamentals of the skill for each student regardless of the “level” they are.  Using drills, progressions and adapted equipment in the gym your student will pick up and progress on this skill in no time! Students have use of the foam pits, incline mats, tumble track, trampoline, spring floor and rod floor to enable them to progress quickly.

Ages: 6-17
Age 4-6 year olds can try our Mites Tumbling & Trampoline class for back handspring instruction.

Acro Tumble

Tumbling skills for dancers!  Class will focus on skills such as aerials, walk overs, handsprings, strength and flexibility needed for dance choreography, along with proper execution of skills on the dance floor.

All ages


Specialty Classes (Co-ed) FALL 2 2016 Schedule

Back Handspring 1
45 Minutes
Back Handspring 2
45 Minutes

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